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For the past 10 years, we have been looking at all sorts of electronic cigarettes, from the intial release of the Cig-a-like to the more advance custom vape mods. We are very enthusiastic about vaping and the products being released. We pride ourselves on giving honest and useful reviews along with guides to help new users coming into the industry.

" The people that work here are as dedicated to the vaping indusrty as we are. They are part of the best-e-cigarette.com family! "

Tim Brooke

General Manager

Tim has been vaping since they were first introduced to the market, working alongside some of the top brands he is partially responsible for where the market is today.

Claire Webber

Chief Editor

Clare started her career working for her local paper, back then she was a smoker before finding electronic cigarettes. She now puts 2 of her passions together, writing and vaping.

Sarah Peakinworth

Marketing Manager

Sarah oversee's all our customers and PR work. She also vapes and helps with the testing of new devices to help with the feedback in assessing how good they really are.

The Most Important Role

The Readers

We like to think that our readers form part of our team. Afterall, it is thanks to you that we are here, and with your continued feedback, you make the best-e-cigarette.com what it is today and for that we thank you.

Our Readers