The best e-cig for 2020

Finding the best e-cig is not just about reading any old review and seeing which device ranks first. Let me tell you a little secret; there is no best electronic cigarette that will suit everyone!

What this means is that choosing the best depends on you’re personal needs, so for example, someone who smoked 40 a day and looking for an e-cigarette to replace their habit will be looking at different types of electronic cigarette than those who want to enjoy vaping and try different flavors.

Let me tell you a secret; there is no best electronic cigarette!

So to list the best electronic cigarettes we have decided to break the users down into 3 main categories, which include:

  • Ex-Smokers Who Want To Quit With E-Cigs
  • Tried E-Cigs Before Without Success
  • Experienced Vapers Who Want More Advanced E-Cigs

If you fit into one of the above categories, then great, we have you covered! If not, then check out our Best Of pages to find more suitable e-cigarettes and vapes.

Ex-Smokers Who Want To Try E-Cigs

One of the most important features of the electronic cigarette for ex-smokers is that it is easy to use. You don’t want to be messing around with features, learning about the different coil types etc. etc.

…it is easy to use. You don’t want to be messing around with features, learning about the different coil types etc.

Here are our top 3 e-cigs for Ex-Smokers:

The Return E-Cig User

So you tried e-cigs back in the day, but didn’t stick with them and want to try them again. The likelyhood here is that the e-cig you used did not suit you, or was too weak to actually have any impact.

E-Cigarettes have changed a lot over the last few years, and have also become a lot more powerful, and the coils have improved to increase flavor to fulfil most peoples requirements.

Experienced Vapers

You may have used e-cigs or vapes in the past, or still currently use them but want to know which ones have the best features and names within the vaping comunity.

This is where the chipset and coil selection really play an important part in choosing the right e-cig or vape. You need a device that produces a lot of vaper and suits your style of vaping, whether it’s mouth to lung or direct lung inhale vaping.


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